View Full Version : Feeling confused about parents role with helping fight the ED

05-03-2012, 08:13 AM
Hey, firstly sorry i havnt been on for so long! I feel kinda guilty posting after such a long time but one thing has been getting to me lately

Im three quarters of the way through "Brave Girl Eating" and really think its a great book, but its really got me thinking about my parents and how they have handled my ed. The girls parents in BGE gave up everything to get rid of the ed, they confronted it head on and didnt give in. When i was getting sick i never remember them trying to make me eat, i done what i wanted, they never put a meal in front of me and said EAT. Its Not that they didnt care, my Mum especially has been a huge part in my life and supported me and my sis through everything, maybe even too much so, but with the ED its like they never snapped out of avoidance or knew what to do. It got to the point where i pretty much died and was taken to hosp, a child worker was even made to look into why i was le.ft so long and so unwell.

My parents would do anything for me but for some reason this thing just stopped them... i dont really understand why or how... maybe it just crept in the ed and they got used to it sorta... even when i left IP it wasnt long till i stopped with the food plan, i was holding my weight but ate so disorderedly and still do, i just wish they had forced me to try eat normally, i feel some resentment almost that im still like this today and it may not have been this way if they hadnt avoided the ed so much...

Im not blaming them, gosh i dont think i could go through it and watch a loved one nearly die, i just dont understand... i wish i could see what went through there minds but i cant even really remember it through my own mind. Has anyone else experienced similar things?

I should probably mention that i had my eighteenth bday in hosp so i was more an adult then Kitty in Brave Girl Eating.