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04-30-2012, 06:05 AM
I am in a long distance relationship, but my boyfriend makes an effort to see me every ****-**** weeks, especially if I cannot make it back home for a while (I am in college).

My boyfriend went through some really tough stuff, namely depression and having to drop out of school twice because his illness kept him from doing schoolwork. I met him at the school taht I am now, and he had to drop out last spring. And sometimes, just because of his personality, he is not very dependable. And that is okay, I love him very much. He also has a temper, and there have been a couple times that it has made me cry; perhaps because I am very sensitive.

One time last fall I called him, and it was hard because at the time he was calling me once or twice a week, at most (things have improved greatly -- like I say, he makes sure to see me every couple weeks, and now he calls at lunchtime and before I go to bed, and we Skype regularly) and on the phone he said "Call me back later, or don't, I don't care,"

And it hurt.

I have been thinking about it a lot ever since, wondering if that is how he really feels. This weekend he decided to head home a couple hours early on my birthday and we had to eat at a fast food place for dinner because he wanted to leave -- and he caught on to the fact that I was sad about something. "You don't believe that I WANT to go, right?" and I told him the truth, I wasn't sure.

It really freaked him out, and I finally just blurted out what happened last fall and he was horrified. He said that he would never mean it how I had interpreted it, and that in the future he will try not to let bad feelings (he was probably angry about somehting else) cause him to speak harshly with me, and that I should just say something if I am hurt by anything he says.

I am so scared that I "dredged" this up -- I am so scared that I jeopardized our relationship. He ended up staying a couple extra hours, and we had a great time; and we both cried when he had to leave.
Am I just being anxious?
Any thoughts?
Thanks for reading.

04-30-2012, 06:14 AM
You have to be honest, no man (especially men) wants to think you are holding back, if this then what else haven't you been honest about that you are feeling. So no, you didn't do anything wrong. Work on being more authentic without fear.

04-30-2012, 04:48 PM
Men are idiots! Don't worry! He probably didn't mean anything.