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04-22-2012, 04:53 PM
so we had fights lately. he was late all the time, careless, impossile tomake aany plan or do anything. and he started opening up. then is when his eotional burden comes up. turns out he is not all the time happy smiley guy with no sadness an problems. but he is the one so often in fights blaming me for being sad and tired and in a bad mood. in the meanwhile he doesn't acknowledge i have stressful job and work shifts travelling all the time, my only and little brother is in jail for a couple of months already in my homecountry and he has only me and i'm so far away, plus i have my own depression struggle, plus we had an episode with thorn condom and me thinking i was pregnant and all bad things....

and ok, so i left him. or we agreed that we had different opinions on each other and that we don't wanna try to keep this. me, i am now bothered with this blame for being sad or mad or experiencing my so called "negative" feelings. i mean, on therapy i have learned there is no such thing as a negative feeling and that i was entitled to them all. now, i just have this guilt again, i feel ashamed more and i think i am not likable cause of my negative feelings and now it makes me feel more down and more sad and i think i am no good person at all.... i was trying to tell him how come he doesnt see when he makes me laugh. he said he doesn't. i think might b his problem not to see that. but i don't know what to do with myself now.

04-24-2012, 01:37 PM
I think you did the right thing in following your gut and going your separate ways. It sounds like he did not treat you as well as you deserve to be treated.

No matter who initiates them or why they come around, break-ups suck. I'm sorry that you are feeling so rotten. :( Try to remember that you did not do anything wrong. Take care of yourself. :love

Is there anything we can give you right now besides support? Are you looking for challenges, advice?