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04-08-2012, 11:00 PM
So, I met this guy, who is a friend of a long time childhood friend of mine, that I really like connected well with at a party while visiting an out of state friend for her thirtieth birthday. I thought that the attraction was mutual, and while I was interested in him, I kind of disregarded the attraction, because I live a plane ride away and am not looking for a long distance relationship or a one night fling. He invited me out after the party but I declined because my friend wanted to do something else,and she was my priority for the weekend.

He really made an impression on me for whatever reason, and he remained in my thoughts. My friend said that he really liked me and would be interested in getting to know me better if I were to live nearby, which is exactly how I feel about him.

I felt kind of conflicted in that I really like him, but I am not looking for a long distance relationship. I decided that I would leave the ball in his court and if he is interested, he will contact me since there is no need to contemplate a long distance relationship if the guy isn't really interested in pursuing me in the first place. As luck would have it, he did contact me via facebook and we've been exchanging emails, nothing too long or profound but rather mildly flirtatious. My approach is basically to leave the pursuit up to him, and I will respond to his advances. We're going to talk on the phone tomorrow night, and I am nervous!!!! I totally get nervous when I am really into a guy!

I guess what I am asking myself what I hope to get out of interaction with him. Is there any point to our interaction? I like him a lot, but I don't pretend that I know him. All I can say is that we superficially seem to have good chemistry and because he is a good friend of my best friend, I think that he is probably a good person. At this point, my thought is that I will just take things as they come and see what his perspective is. Just because I am talking with some guy from a different area of the country doesn't mean that it will turn into a long distance relationship or that I shouldn't keep going out and being open to meeting new people. Does anyone have any thoughts on this situation?


04-08-2012, 11:14 PM
Well let me think. It sounds like to me that your doing the right thing. I mean your not pushing for a relationship with him right? I mean your not flirting or putting in sly remarks that would make him think your interested in a relationship so I think talking with him and having a good time and getting to know him is a good thing. However if things do start to change then I think you should tell him how you feel so that either both of you can come to a agreement or maybe take a break and then try to start over. The key is that you said multiple times your not interested in a relationship that is long distance, have you told him that? But still going out and meeting people and having a good time sounds great because at this point your building a friendship with him so girl unless something changes on your side and his have fun. Get to know him, laugh and look forward to spending time with him. Just don't allow yourself to have questions in the back of your mind like could this work or I wonder because that's when I would be like, slam on the breaks whats going on here. Hope this helps and if you ever need to talk let me know email me at info@helpingear.com xxx anytime. I am here for support.