View Full Version : oh, how to make him comfortable while making love

04-03-2012, 04:12 PM
huh, so i love love dirty talk. and i love all that sexual excitment and suspense. but my bf...gosh!

so we are making love. and i am so happy i am making love to a guy for the first time and i really feel enormous energy and connection and it is not just sex any more. and all my feelings are the reason for me to become more comfortable and relaxed with him and now i feel i can be myself and express my sexuality how i like. for the first time i really wanna be me and i don't wanna impress the guy. and what happens - i'm trying a bit some dirty texting and sexual connotations in ordinary situations.

hell!this guy, i don't know what to do with him. he ruins every attempt with some sentance that makles it all look silly. and even when i try to get out and still make something of it, he does it again. i don't know is he so naive and inexperienced or he is just uncomfortable. he was telling me yesterday that he is very careful with me and that he doesn't want to do anything wrong and also doesn't want to be hurt, so even when we are making love he doesn't really let go of himself but is careful what is he going to do, how am i going to react and so on. i was so stunned and didn't say anything.

but i want him to relax so i can also relax. finally in my life i can relax abouth something and with a particular person and i want to be relaxed for once and be me and enjoy making love to him.but i just don't know what to do!