View Full Version : reasons not to be honest

02-21-2012, 07:37 AM
I notice a few threads around that discuss whether or not it is right to tell loved ones that we are struggling. I thought about why it is that I keep things to myself, and came up with the answer that "protecting" other people is not a reason. It's just an excuse.

:igotit He'll be angry with me = I am afraid of anger
:igotit He'll be hurt = I don;t know how to deal with other people's feelings
:igotit He'll hate me = I fear rejection
:igotit He'll understand too much = I fear accountability

Basically, not being honest is about me and me alone. I don;t want the uncomfortable feelings of letting someone else know what's going on with me.

:challenge How many of us are using excuses disguised as "reasons" for not being honest about what we need and what our loved ones have a right to know about?


04-12-2012, 02:38 AM
He will not understand = I will not be able to convince him that it is not a big deal.
I don't want to scare him = I am afraid to have him really know me and reject me.
I don't want him to worry = I don't want to have to constantly think about what he is thinking about me.

ps. good thread it made me think. :igotit