View Full Version : Moving On.

02-10-2012, 01:17 AM
So recently I called the guy I've been seeing out on his inconsistent behaviour. I was kind of worried, I'm not the confrontational sort, however I guess it's good that I did. He cleared up my misconception that this was going anywhere. He thinks I'm a great person, fun to be with but he doesn't have time for a relationship and wants to be only friends.
Great. I should accept this and move on with my life. I can't though. I keep thinking where did I go wrong, he had to like me! You don't hang out and talk as much as we did and not like each other. The way he acted really indicated that there was something there.
I've stopped texting and talking to him so much, but every couple days I slip up. I can't help it. I keep hoping that...well I'm not sure..that he'll change his mind? That I can fix something?

I am disgusted with myself. I am not the kind of person to grovel for attention. I'm always the one calling the shots in any sort of relationship (maybe this is why this is bothering me so much...?). I need a clean break and stop any contact. But I can't. I still have that shred of hope and it's eating away at me...