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01-22-2012, 03:03 AM
I really only have one close friend here in my city who I can call up for absolutely anything...I have a few friends who are pretty close who I should really just open up to and lean on, but it's hard to let myself be vulnerable, to let people know when things aren't ok and not worry so much about how I come off.

When I've done this before I've gotten nothing but support. I hung out with one of my good friends and another friend last week kinda randomly...and we ended up staying up and talking about stuff all night (including the breakup), which was awesome. I need to do things like this more...I try and remind myself that I can be the person who invites people over, it doesn't just have to be them!

With my ex gone, I feel like I have less emotional support...I have to actually find it now, and he who was my catchall to talk about everything is just...gone. And now I just feel alone and I want to seek it from everywhere but am not really sure where to start. I have friends, but there are some I don't feel close enough to to completely open up...I'm part of the way there but not all the way. I feel like this is so much easier for some other people than it is for me. Why can't I just be a social butterfly?

I'm trying to hard to pretend everything's ok. Sometimes it is and it feels fine, but other times it hits me and it hurts.

01-22-2012, 07:25 AM
and not worry so much about how I come off.

When I've done this before I've gotten nothing but support

It sounds like you have done it before and it has
helped so you can do it.

What are you afraid of? Good friends dont care how we
'come off' as they simply want to help and it allows them
to open up as well.

I know when my friends open up I feel honoured that they
trust me enough to be real and honest. I know that when
I open up they can relate and feel much the same way.

Friends are there to share to good and the not so good.

god bless.

01-22-2012, 11:21 AM
I'm afraid of being judged or being seen like I'm asking "too much," being vulnerable...but those are the very same things I need to overcome in order to feel intimate and close with people.