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01-08-2012, 01:13 PM
So I met a guy on New Years and today we have plans to meet up for coffee. Im so pumped, but I am so nervous. Not about going, but that he will cancel or something. I have trust issues and hate getting bailed on :(. I keep checking my phone every **** mins for a text saying that he cant make it, that something came up. **** hrs to go, hopefully nothing changes!

If things even go well, I cant think of why he would want to hang out with me. Hes older, and when we met I was an annoying rambling drunk. I give him props for actually listening to me for all of that time.

01-08-2012, 01:31 PM
Hi coffee,

I think it's natural to be nervous before a date any way, and it looks like you have something you can focus your nerves on-that he might cancel. I would be anxious about not having things to say as that's my "thing".

I don't know what nye is like in Vancouver, but where I am, uk, it would be pretty unusual to have been out, been sobre and NOT be talking some sort of rubbish. Was he also drunk? Regardless, you've got to remember that it is a week on and he hasn't pulled out so far, so why would he at this stage?

And IF he did text now to say something came up, would you be able to believe him? Would you be angry? Paranoid that it was because of something you had done/said? What would it mean to you?

Dates ARE nerve wracking, hopefully by the time you get there and sit down your nerves will be better.
Good luck! :cute

01-08-2012, 03:07 PM
GOOD LUCK!! i'm doing the same thing in ONE hour and got on here for some support because i am freaking out.. can't wait to hear how it goes!!

i keep thinking that something must be wrong with him if he is excited to hang out with me, so maybe i should cancel on him (haha messed up way of thinking!) trying to fight that thought..

so glad to get on here and see someone else feeling the same way :) puts me at ease.

good luck and can't wait to hear how it went!

01-08-2012, 03:12 PM
Good luck morae! I'm sure it'll go great!!
It is nice to hear that other people feel the same/ similar. Don't cancel! You may miss an opportunity to have a great time :)

01-09-2012, 12:10 AM
thanks coffee :):) how did it go?!

01-09-2012, 12:49 AM
It went well! At least I think it did...I hope it did haha. Hopefully I didn't come off as too...strong. I got there first and I don't know..I don't want to come off as desperate. I'd love to have someone in my life but I can get by.

How about you Morae? I hope you went and had a great time!! :grin

01-09-2012, 01:05 AM
yay! i don't think that getting that first would come off that way at all.. glad to hear that it went well!

and yes things went great! and i feel the same way.. "i'd love to have someone in my life but i can get by".. and i think that is the perfect attitude to have.

we completed the awkward first date and now the stress is off.. woo hoo :grin

pooh bear fan
01-09-2012, 05:56 AM
Good on both of you for going on the first dates and not cancelling. I remember years ago being so nervous about going out on a date and I called my best friend telling her I wanted to cancel the date. She talked me round and I ended up going on the date ... and now we're married :lubdub
Sometimes you've just got to take the risk :sly

01-10-2012, 12:46 AM
Thanks All!
Go Us!!

:D :D