View Full Version : feeling sexual but not ready for a relationship

11-24-2011, 12:37 AM
I met this guy recently and we have....you know...a few times. I really like the that part but I feel shy when it comes to the relationship. Like, we are kind of dating but I feel shy to introduce him to my friends and family. We have only been dating a couple weeks but I know I'll have to introduce them eventually. I just think that they will be critical somehow. He's a bit older than me and kind of nerdy but I like him and I'm very attracted to him. The thing is, I barely have time for myself. So how do I have time for a relationship? I feel guilty about wanting sex more than a relationship but I'm kind of a sexual person. What do I do? I want to still see him but I have mixed feelings. I have only dated one other guy and it was awkward with my family.

11-27-2011, 10:06 PM
I think you really need to consider what you want. Are you interested in having a steady boyfriend? If not, there is nothing wrong with just having sex. Either way, I think it's probably time you talked to him about where you both want things to go.

As far as introducing him to your family...that's just a universally uncomfortable experience. Don't overanalyze whether or not your parents will like him. Or whether you have time. These are worries everyone has with a new relationship, but you can't make assumptions. That's how dating someone new is...you have to feel it out. Maybe your family will love him and maybe you'll find a way to make time. But you never know until you give it a real shot. :]