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10-26-2001, 03:20 AM
like the new forum!
i've been a no-show fishie for some time now. too much work and too much pain from the arthritis. but i've checked in now and then to see how y'all been doing. ....
ok, a ?...
later today i'm picking up my best friend at the airport. he is staying the whole weekend. haven't seen him the last couple of yrs. we speak on the phone and e-mail several times a week. he lives and work in a whole 'nother part of the country. long story short: he used to live here, moved four yrs ago, and we had a very good relationship. never in the boyfriend/girlfriend sense - even thou i was in love one time a decade ago. .....
he walked with me thru some very bad times in the past .he knows about the ed and all the other stuff. and accepts me for who i am!
and we usually sleep in the same bed..... no sex. but there are some very heavy tension.... i never sleep when we share a bed. and this weekend i do not want us to do that. share the bed.... how do i tell him without it getting stikcy and difficult? nothing has changed between us: i still love him and want him to be here, but i need to try to keep the distance. he is a friend. a very good friend. who i miss. a lot. and in the past we have had .... episodes...... and it always creates difficulties.

do i just not say anything. and when we go to bed stay on the couch ? or do i tell him and try to explain....? i don't wanna ruin this weekend. it meens too much!


Summer Girl
10-26-2001, 08:18 AM
Hi there,
Well I am no expert on this, you have maybe two choices
a- just when it is time for bed make up the couch and sleep on it. If he asks- just say I don't want to keep you up with my tossing and turning.
b- tell him the truth, he might understand, but who knows with guys. They are so unpredictable.
Good luck!
Summer Girl