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10-04-2001, 08:09 PM
Hey :bowl

I know that i don't really have a right to gripe about this, cause i went into it knowing that neither of us wanted a relationship, but then after a month and after stuff started happening, i couldn't help it, and he started to grow on me.

I'm talking about this guy Jeremy that i was talking to/seeing/sleeping with for over the past month.

over the month he started cuddling wiht me, and getting all jealouse when other guys checked me out. He even refferred to me as his girl a couple of times. He would call me asking me to come over cause he missed me and wanted to see me. And we did'nt even have sex half of those times.

Then last week i told him that it was starting to feel weird to have sex with hiim and not have anything there, cause it had been about a month.

He told me....

"I like you a lot. It's not just about sex, there's something more there. I really do like you, that's why i cuddle with you. I don't cuddle wiht just anyone."

but then last night...... :ugh

He came on and said "I can't even get a gf"
and i told him that he could have me, and he told me...

"I'm really picky about girls. No offense to you, but they have to be a specific type."

then i got sad and hurt, and i hurted bad. then i asked him why he said and did all the stuff he did then, and he told me

"When i said that, i meant that i wanted a good friend that i could have fun with. Someone who would make me feel better."

:cry i'm sooooo kinda sad. I can't believe i allowed this to happen to me agian. :ugh
I feel sooooo dumb for feelign this way. Like iknow that there's not a good reason for me to feel this way. :cry

take care :fishy 's, thanks for listening to me
Hugs and :kiss 's

10-04-2001, 08:41 PM
:hugon Crystalbelle :hugoff
I'm soooo sorry!! Thanks stinks! So typical of a guy too. I've been fed that "just good friends" line too, so I know how bad it hurts. . . Take care and know you deserve better!

10-04-2001, 11:35 PM
what a jerk! sounds just like my ex-boyfriend. he tells me we are "special friends." unfortunately, i allow it. someday i'll learn. hang in there.

10-09-2001, 02:34 AM
:hugon crystalbelle :hugoff


grrr... what a jerk !

you are not dumb! some guys just suck...

you were just being an honest, caring person.
that's not dumb...

i am sorry that there are jerks like this who make you feel bad sweetie...
you deserve so much better. unfortunately, we all can be fooled by such men, they
can disguise themselves and how much they can hurt us... it's not your fault...



10-11-2001, 03:46 PM
I am sorry to hear that you are hurting :cry Just hang in there. Surround yourself with people who love ya and do things that make ya feel good.

I completely understand how you feel. It seems that I date one jerk after another. Feeling used is painful and is terrible for our self-esteem. I always end up asking myself why I am not good enough. IT"S GOTTA STOP!! :bounce I just keep hoping that someone good will come along someday.

I do have a question for you :usa out there... How do you stop attracting jerks that use you? I feel lika a jerk magnet. All my close friends are serious with cute guys. I feel so left out.