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  1. Wow...
  2. He was On Dating Sites
  3. In a family that doesn't understand about eating issues and is dysfunctional
  4. feeling sexual but not ready for a relationship
  5. The Ultimatum
  6. am I too sick to love someone?
  7. Therapist- contact between sessions, etc
  8. I need some relationship advice!
  9. When he tells me I'm beautiful..
  10. just not attracted to men, maybe?
  11. Temp Long Distance Relationship?
  12. Starting to Feel Guilty
  13. Self Imposed Isolation
  14. Feeling more and more detached from my family
  15. Falling in love with the wrong people
  16. Horrible at confrontation
  17. Becoming a Better Friend (Thankyou, SF)
  18. Too independent
  19. Why am i always the one to make the effort ?
  20. really needing some advice...not sure exactly where this belongs?
  21. BF got me to admit I needed help
  22. Moving On and Meaning it.
  23. Evil not quite sister in law
  24. the year after separation -- first xmas alone?
  25. asexuality...
  26. sexual anorexia
  27. Best Friend's Opinions
  28. Guilt
  29. An Epiphany About Moving On
  30. So I broke up with my boyfriend...long
  31. can i voice my irrational fears to my partner?
  32. Family Gossip
  33. Anger? from past relationships/situations
  34. do i need to tell my boyfriend?
  35. So...I Have This Friend...
  36. Grieving/Mommy Transference/Confusion/Saddness
  37. i feel like i'm dying
  38. am I going too slow?
  39. No one came to my college graduation
  40. Everything happens for a reason, including change, right?
  41. Maybe I want more from this friendship than she does...
  42. Sad
  43. Are you really judging my body?
  44. On Friendship
  45. choosing between people on holidays
  46. Is this manipulative behavior?
  47. need to make him happy at all costs?
  48. Argument on Christmas
  49. Failed friendship
  50. how to overcome fear of intimacy and sex
  51. A Sex Post... Never thought I'd say this, but...
  52. Unneeded
  53. Asking someone to move out, please help!
  54. HELP PANIC ATTACK before date
  55. bf doesnt know if he wants to stay with me
  56. Dating a Model Bringing Up ED Thoughts
  57. Internet friend wants to see a picture
  58. Testing your love
  59. Visiting a friend with similar problems.
  60. Making Promises
  61. Social Anxiety
  62. Discerning my sexual identity
  63. I do not want to explain to people why I broke up with my boyfriend
  64. How to confront friends??
  65. Continued Pain over Breakup from Ex
  66. Life lessons, time to reflect for a positive new year ahead
  67. Making amends
  68. Am I being selfish?
  69. this hurts.
  70. Older men
  71. Dealing with Lonliness
  72. Must. Not. Panic.
  73. An abusive realtionship- with myself
  74. Scared about moving out on my own...advice?
  75. New relationship... when to bring recovery and the past into the discussion
  76. Too blunt?
  77. Forgiveness?
  78. Grotesque sexuality and imaginary love
  79. when there can be no compromise?
  80. Any lost relationships b/c of Recovery?
  81. First Big Conflict with Best Friend
  82. Sharing struggles with new BF while not pushing him away?
  83. Yay I asked a female acquaintance for a drink and and she said yes
  84. Restriction to blunt emotions?
  85. Screwed it Up?
  86. Recovery = increasingly horrible relationship decisions
  87. I feel like I'm alive for the first time in my life.
  88. Disappointed
  89. What to do?!?
  90. Waiting...and waiting.... for the first kiss from BF
  91. My perception of how I believe someone perceives me
  92. To tell or not tell
  93. major relationship issues - frank (but gentle) advice wanted
  94. He Lied to me
  95. anger.
  96. argument with H makes me want to use ED to 'get back at him'
  97. Lonely
  98. Why do I keep running away if I think I want a man in my life?
  99. how do u not hate yourself for hurting someone, aka: break up
  100. How on earth do I deserve this?
  101. Bullying in school? Related to anorexia?
  102. Is It Normal? Or am Being Sensitive?
  103. It's Hurting Me To See Her Happy
  104. Anxiety about BF's possible job transfer...very scared
  105. loss of sexual desire...
  106. He says I can tell him anything but is he really ready for it all?...
  107. This Hurts
  108. New Boyfriend
  109. Frustrated, Hurt and Confused
  110. Hahaha!-...okay you can stop now.
  111. We broke up
  112. I feel bad and I don't deserve this...
  113. Strangers who share DNA
  114. used my 'voice' - stated my needs and don't know what to think about his response
  115. not speaking up destroying me?
  116. This is too much for me
  117. A complicated matter.
  118. when your male friend screws it all up...
  119. When did you say I love you?
  120. still gettin real...
  121. not in crisis, just venting...
  122. Deflated
  123. Discouraged
  124. boyfriend gets irritated when i don't want to have sex
  125. He broke it off... scared of intimacy and comittment
  126. Boyfriend wants me to move in with him
  127. So So So depressed now...
  128. Really Down Right Now- Dating Sucks
  129. Potential new friend!
  130. Letting People Help You, And Being OK With It?
  131. Call Him Out on It?
  132. commonsense guidelines for meeting an online dater
  133. a new guy - body image freaking out
  134. sabotaging relationships.
  135. In need of desperate help
  136. Moving On.
  137. Left note with therapist
  138. Asking him...
  139. Need Support to stay away from Ex-FWB
  140. Stalkerish?
  141. Don't want to be touched
  142. Hugs for fishies
  143. Betrayed by my boyfriend...so broken :o(
  144. Staying friends with an ex..?
  145. Sexuality. How do you know?
  146. How do you tell him you care when you are terrible with feelings?...
  147. I feel like I'm loosing everyone in my life
  148. How do I appropriately express anger and conflict?
  149. where is the line:accepting urself truly vs. accepting urself through a relationship?
  150. quick help needed?
  151. next step - terrified of gentle intimacy
  152. How to tell boyfriend
  153. should I say something?
  154. Sort of embarrassing question..
  155. reasons not to be honest
  156. Heart break
  157. Relationship issue
  158. "Meh. Whatever." about it all, after rejection
  159. I feel so alone and hurt
  160. Relationship Patterns-Being Used
  161. Healing and a New Start
  162. Healthy Relationships and ED's and Love.
  163. Resisting attraction
  164. Heart broken all over again.
  165. feeling lost
  166. Ex?
  167. How to help a friend with an ED
  168. Insecurity-body image- fear to have sex
  169. date tonight
  170. Break up, so confused.
  171. I told him I love him
  172. sex???
  173. Dealing with someone who won't admit they take issue with your relationship?
  174. Too Supportive?
  175. successful social anxiety challenge
  176. struggling with sexuality and her moving on
  177. To tell or not to tell?
  178. Sarcastic Boyfriend...
  179. Parents rejecting me
  180. needing something deeper?
  181. Slightly Controlling Boyfriend?
  182. Web Site Dating?
  183. Unconditional Love
  184. Text Messages
  185. Talking to the T
  186. I dont know what to do... or how to do it...
  187. feel like crying, need some support, my head is bothering me
  188. broke up...
  189. I feel like I have no one...
  190. A phone talk is not enough: Spending time with my boyfriend
  191. Two Weeks In My Own Apartment Post Break Up... Struggling.
  192. Reaching out
  193. Appropriate boundaries vs. pleasing people vs. being selfish
  194. Distance
  195. is my boyfriend too needy or am I just isolating?
  196. Hubby seems opposed to IOP...
  197. One year and still not over it
  198. The pill and gaining weight
  199. Never thought I'd feel this-I'm actually lonely
  200. hurt, I feel like I am always wrong and sick of being blamed
  201. Do I Need to Feel Bad About This?
  202. ok,this is what i get on my "i think i'm falling in love with you"
  203. Bringing my hubby to my T appt today
  204. oh, how to make him comfortable while making love
  205. what is this now, am i bi or what?
  206. Am I being too pushy?
  207. miscommunications and blurred boundaries
  208. apologizing
  209. This Pedestal is a Lie and Opening Up.
  210. Weird old week.
  211. Long Distance Crush
  212. Major issues with unrequited love
  213. am I alone?
  214. thrown for a loop
  215. Need advice! should I disclose my ed to my boyfriend?
  216. I need help re work situation.
  217. controlling behaviour to placate parner but with unwanted emotional side effects
  218. I think we just broke up
  219. I'm getting married
  220. I'm the shittiest friend there is......
  221. My boss (for only a few more days) is falling in love with me...
  222. confused???
  223. lunch time
  224. Thought of romance puts me back in ED
  225. my now ex bf
  226. Is it okay to talk about sex in therapy?
  227. Overstepped My Boundaries with a Friend
  228. i caught him in a lie, major disappointment
  229. sexuality, treatment, and abuse history *trigger*
  230. Am I isolating or am I an introvert
  231. no experience
  232. T is moving
  233. Feeling Bad
  234. shall I tell my sister abt my relapse?
  235. really tough time
  236. The ******** year old virgin......
  237. Did I Do the Wrong Thing?
  238. SERIOUS issue with sex
  239. Boyfriend...
  240. I think he means more to me than I mean to him
  241. Confused?
  242. my boyfriend just doenst get it!!!....ADVICE PLEASE!!!!
  243. Feeling confused about parents role with helping fight the ED
  244. Another sex post, from the other perspective
  245. Broken Relationship: When You Can't Get Authentic Accountability..
  246. Depression and Lonliness are too hard to bear
  247. new house director
  248. will having asperger's keep me from getting married?
  249. Why so loney?
  250. i'm just so tired